Bringing it further home, the case of domestic violence is always on the front burner in marriages. When issues like this come to public glare, there is always adrenaline pumped outrage that dies soon enough with time. To set things straight, it is never right for either a husband or a wife to attempt to cause physical harm to a partner. This is humanity, not the animal kingdom. How can you intend to cause irreversible damage to someone you claim to love? What an Irony!

As the first point of socialization, children learn from their parents in words and actions. It is not impossible that the children were present on the battlefield taking notes. We see those children turn out as adults today and may believe that is the best approach. Many people are still caught in this web, passing it on to their wards unintentionally thereby making topics like this never die out.

As said earlier, the zeal to see the damage done is getting very rife in today’s environment. Therefore, it takes a very conscious effort to manifest in maturity and anger management. In every facet, young people should see anger management and conflict resolution as part of self-development. We should be keen on rewriting the wrongs of the past and changing the status quo. Irrespective of background, personal experience or social trends, violence is never the way out. When this is sorted, it is translated into the family. We would get to see fewer cases of violence in the home.

Violence should never be an option in dealings. The best way to address the menace of violence is to prevent it from happening. How can that be done? Building people who would know how to handle things without taking the wrong route.

Protect your sanity and humanity by building yourself. You are not a weakling for not choosing violence. It is a position of strength and emotional balance.

No to Domestic Violence.

No to any type of Violence.



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