Aerial view of Obafemi Awolowo University
The main gate of Obafemi Awolowo Hall
The never empty Awo Cafe.

The group called “Awo boys” apparently were the comical section of the hall and the campus at large. They do not pay for shows but they must perform at every show. Their tongues are always laced with different patterns and sizes of foul talk both in English and any other native language. They always look like an unserious group but most of them didn’t joke with their academics.

Awo boys in action
The full squad

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes to days, no invasion. Could the management have given up? Or were they planning something bigger after seeing the strategy the students deployed? This was not a drill. This was the exact representation of what we had seen in movies. Something was about to happen, the aroma of the imminent was shrouded in thick darkness. The possibility of certain scenarios came to the front burner.

That was how the great Awolowo hall was invaded. Many would never know how revered it was. It remains to be seen of how much of a dormitory it has become. A shadow of what it used to be. Indeed, an empire fell and the ruins have transcended years.



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