3 min readFeb 28, 2021


The devil has a penchant for rescuing people from very difficult and extremely tight situations. How on earth can the representation of evil become a rescue hero? I am sure you are wondering and your mind is wandering. Of course, I am curious too!

To help your imagination further grasp this and to eliminate ambiguity, we can take a scenario that is quite ubiquitous. For years, Mr Modaran has been cheating on his wife without getting caught. One fateful day, he brought Miss Shoboloyoke, his side chick to his own home to make out after making sure that his wife was not around. Unfortunately, Mrs Modaran came back unannounced to pick something she left in the bedroom. None of the doors was latched. With little effort, the door gave way and the embarrassing sight of Mr Modaran and his babe unclad was revealed in 3D.

Here is the major point. Mr Modaran began pleading with his wife, citing the Devil as the main instigator of his disgraceful and shameful act. Remember from the story that he has been doing this for years. All the while he was enjoying the cruise, he never gave the Devil credit. Now that he has been caught red-handed, instead of taking responsibility, he pushes it to the Devil who might have been unaware of his sinister moves.

Putting this into perspective, the “devil in man’’ as coined refers to the concept of people never taking responsibility for their actions. They either seek to blame something or someone who might not always be the devil as the topic suggests. However, the devil is still a major stakeholder in the blame industry. A popular phrase says “When pushed to the wall, blame the devil”.

Responsibility is a very valid aspect that our nature often tries to negate. When our conducts are not in any way conformable to standards, the next placating option is to push the buck to a preceding situation, a team member or an external influence. We don’t always want to be wrong. We do not always want to be seen as the person that makes mistakes.

Reality Check!

This is life! Nobody has it entirely figured out. Here, mistakes can be made and atoned for. We are not perfect when it comes to dealing with other people and situations. You should be able to accept your wrongs and take further steps to correct them. Proper mastery of this would help a great deal in secular work and relationships. The ability to excel in this is a vital component of leadership.

Another section of this circumstance is when you take advice from individuals. Advice is a recommendation or proposal for an appropriate course of action. When you are given advice, the bulk still stops at your table. It is entirely your choice to either take it or throw it in the trash can. If you take the advice and things head south, take responsibility for your choice. Good friends will never give you a piece of terrible advice but then things may not always work as envisaged.

If you sense someone is seeking your advice so that the blame can come back to you if it does not work out, then you should move further behind. Such a person is looking for the devil to be used as a hangar.

In all, take charge of your life. Be responsible for your actions. Stay on top of your game.

Forever steady,

The responsible one.